About Me

Photographer. Mom. Hopeless Romantic. Dreamer.

I love curling up with a great book on a rainy day and devouring it in a single sitting. I collect quotes – especially those uttered by Mark Twain. The crunch of leaves beneath my feet on a crisp autumn day is music to my ears. I adore weddings…and babies…and puppies…and kittens. I love the magic of that place between dreaming and awake, when nearly anything seems possible. I swoon when I hear my children’s beautiful laughter. I believe ellipses may just be the coolest punctuation mark ever created. And every time I pick up my camera, I am ME…just me. I feel free to be 100% myself, however silly and dorky, and my heart is full.

A few years ago, after spending my entire professional career in the meetings and healthcare education industry, it was time for a change. So we moved our little family halfway across the country so we could begin chasing my dream of capturing life’s beauty and turning it into art.

In February 2011, Christa Donald Photography was born, and every day I feel amazingly blessed. Instead of sitting behind a desk running reports and chasing down speakers’ presentations, I get to spend my time perfecting my craft while turning your life’s most meaningful moments into works of art.

So add “Luckiest Gal in the World” to that list above, will ya?


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