Why Mini Sessions are PERFECT for Your Family!

Awhile back, Kirk and I made the decision to focus our energy on growing the weddings portion of our business, and while that decision was solid, I’ve found myself missing getting to interact with families and kids. After all, when you get right down to what this journey has been about for us, it all comes down to FAMILY. Families are what make this world go ’round, and while every family is different, every family is BEAUTIFUL! So I’ve set aside an entire day in April to spend with YOU and YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILIES! I absolutely cannot wait to photograph you hugging your kiddos, holding your sweetheart’s hand, telling your favorite “Knock-Knock” jokes, and loving just being together. Sounds like a recipe for awesomesauce, doesn’t it?

Here are the deets:

Mini Sessions - April 6, 2013 - Lincoln Log Cabin, Charleston, IL

PLUS, when you refer a friend, you’ll also receive a sheet of 8 wallet-size photos as a thank you from me (a $20 value). (Now your sister can stop bugging you for an updated family photo for her fridge!)

And here’s why a mini-session is PERFECT for your family:

–> 20 minutes is plenty of time to make magic happen and capture some great images — but it’s not so long that the hubs will spend the entire week leading up to your session dreading it! In fact, by the end of your session, he’ll probably say, “We’re done already? That was EASY!”

–> We only have to worry about keeping the kiddos dirt-free for a matter of minutes…not two whole hours. Totally doable!

–> Mini sessions are an affordable way to get your feet wet with custom, natural-light photography and document the essence of what makes you a family. Trust me, it’s way more fun, way more laid back, and way more AUTHENTIC than the photo stand at the big box stores.

–> Mother’s Day is May 11th. Imagine the smile on your mom’s face when you present her with a beautifully framed professional portrait of her favorite people on Earth. She’ll probably even shed a tear of joy…or two!

–> Multi-tasking is an art form, and booking a mini-session will make you a multi-tasking master artist! Seriously, in just 20 minutes, you’ll have Mother’s Day in the bag PLUS a great new piece of art for your home gallery. 10 more minutes = Christmas cards ordered! Once they arrive, you can even address them, stamp them, and set them aside to drop in the mail the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. Yes, my dear, you will prove you are master of multi-tasking…and we will ALL be jealous! 🙂

Call me — 217.508.9729 — or email me — christa@christadonaldphotography.com — to book your session.

Can’t make it on April 6th, but would still love to book a mini-session? Ask me about HOSTING your own mini-sessions, and possibly even earning your mini-session for free!


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