Summertime + Sisterly Love = F-U-N! | Chicago Suburbs Child Photographer

On a recent trip up to the Chicago area, I was so lucky to get to spend some time with these two cuties, Miss M and Miss E. They adore each other like only sisters can, and these two girls sure do know how to have fun!

Two Girls Hugging

Child Portraits

The backyard turned out to be just the place to take pictures, and even their puppy wanted to get in on the action!

A Girl and Her Dog

Miss M was the perfect model…but she didn’t take her job TOO seriously! (Sometimes a girl’s just gotta kick back, you know?!?)

Candid Child Portraits

And Miss E is just a little sweetheart! I love when I’m able to capture those expressions that define a kiddo’s personality, like this one here. This gal’s a thinker, I tell ya….

Close-up Photos of Child

After awhile, Miss E just needed her mom. Is there anything more beautiful than a mother comforting her child?

Mother Comforting Her Child

We wrapped up our session with some good ol’ summertime play — sidewalk chalk and riding bikes.

Kids Playing

I sure do wish summer could last forever! And I look forward to spending more time with these two gals, because they sure do know the recipe for fun!



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