Love Birds, a Country Church, and a Glimmer: Doug & Janet Say “I Do!”

The sky was a brilliant shade of blue, and the air was crisp. The trees were just beginning to show their fall colors, and a light breeze softly murmured “I Do…I Do…I Do,” as it gently shook the golden leaves. LOVE was in the air, because on this day, in a simple country church in the tiny town of Hutton, two people – two families – would join together as one.

Amidst a flurry of last minute preparations and the palpable joy and anticipation of the impending celebration, I noticed a glimmer in her eye. In an instant, I knew what she knew – right there in that moment was exactly where she belonged. In Doug’s embrace, she’d found freedom. Freedom to love exuberantly. Freedom to liven up a quiet Friday night with a whole lot of mischief. Freedom to trust again. Freedom to be herself. And as I watched him gaze upon his bride for the first time as she made her way down the aisle, I spied a glimmer in his eye, too.

Janet and Doug, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been there to share your wedding day with you…and to photograph it to boot! Your joy, your love, your commitment to one another and to your family inspire hope and touch everyone around you. Cheers to you, and may you always…ALWAYS…keep that glimmer!


The details Janet chose were spot on for a small, intimate wedding celebration — elegant, yet understated with just a hint of whimsy. The folks at Bell’s Flower Corner did an AHHH-MAZING job with the floral arrangements!

As the guys were upstairs playing cards…ahem, helping Doug prepare for the immensity of the vow he was about to make…Janet was putting on her finishing details.

Of course, this being a Fall wedding — and on a Saturday, no less — the guys had to take a break during formals to check up with Shane for the score of the Illinois football game. Go Illini! (Thankfully, they were ahead — and they won — so the celebratory mood of the day was maintained!)


Something about the way a mama loves her children GETS me every time. Honestly, I got choked up when Janet and her mom shared this embrace. Such pride…such gratitude…such love! Awwwww….

There’s that glimmer I was telling you about!

Janet and Doug worked with Pastor Scott Sims of Salisbury Church to prepare a lovely, intimate service.

Rice toss! (I think Miss J there is enjoying it just a little too much…don’t you?! Hey, I feel ya, J! A girl can’t pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bean her parental units…and this rice was on the approved list. You go, girl!) Oh, and don’t worry about the birds. Pastor was very kind to inform us during the rehearsal that the rice was indeed “non-bird-explosive.” (Thank goodness!)

 The kids were very much a part of the celebration! And they…were…AWESOME!

Since Doug and Janet opted to stick with tradition and not see each other before the ceremony, we grabbed the love birds afterwards for a little quiet time…just the two of them. I luuuuhvvv the intimacy of their embrace in this photo…total surrender.


At the reception, there were so many DELICIOUS details to take in. Janet, you seriously thought of EVERYTHING!

While much of the wedding was steeped in tradition, Janet and Doug opted to take the untraditional route and skip the cake-cutting, smash-cake-in-my-new-spouse’s-face routine. Instead they opted for something much more “them” — ICE CREAM!

 First dance as Mr. & Mrs….

What an amazing day! {insert contented sigh} To see more of Doug & Janet’s gorgeous fall wedding, click here to watch a slideshow — or if you’d like, you can just watch it here! Cheers!


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