Kaiylen & Kyler | Central Illinois (Mattoon-Charleston) Child Photography

Over Memorial Day weekend, I attended the most amazing photography workshop in Chicago led by one of my absolute favorite lifestyle photographers, Me Ra Koh, and her husband Brian. The workshop combined classroom and hands-on learning, and I was honored to meet Me Ra and Brian, to learn from them, and to be inspired by them. I feel so much more confident about my camera and all its bells and whistles and fancy settings now — but the big “aha!” moment came AFTERWARDS, as I was riding the train home from Chicago. As I reflected on my weekend experience, I was so grateful for the new friendships that had begun to blossom over the course of the weekend, and I felt a real “settling into” this new career as a photographer. I felt certain that giving a voice to my dream of becoming a photographer was the right thing to do, and that NOW is the right time to do it. And I felt a sense of self-acceptance and confidence in myself as an artist, a wife and mother, a business-woman. Talk about empowering!

I’m super-excited to share with you the first round of photos that I took during one of our baby sessions. Meet 11 week-old Kaiylen and 3 year-old Kyler…aren’t they just adorable? Kaiylen was so alert and present, soaking in everything going on around her, and Kyler was a barrel full of laughs.

Stay tuned for more baby and kiddo goodness from the workshop…I’m so excited to share with you! And in the meantime, head on over to Me Ra’s site and check out her work (www.merakoh.com). You’ll be glad you did!

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