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Taking a photo walk with your child is a great way to document your child’s spirit and energy. And a photo walk is a wonderful vehicle for practicing storytelling through your pictures.

Last month, hubby and I decided to spend a weekend sharing some one-on-one time with each of our girls. Miss J and I rounded off our mommy/daughter day with a photo walk through downtown Charleston, IL. She was excited to bring her camera and explore, and I was excited to get out and scout some new locations and have an excuse to get her to strike a few poses for me – a win/win. As it turns out, it was the most fun she and I have had together – just the two of us – all summer long!

Before you head out, have your child pick a favorite toy to take with you on your adventure. Throughout the walk, you can find ways to engage your child by asking him/her to interact with their toy and then use that opportunity to snap a few shots. Also, allow plenty of time and head out with an attitude of “We’re off on an adventure…let’s see what we can see!” Take time to point out flowers, bugs, interesting places – anything that might warrant additional exploration by your child. There’s something so captivating about images of children discovering new things, and a photo walk affords many opportunities to capture these images. Lastly, try to take a step back and document the setting in a few of your images. Every story needs a setting, and having a few images that show your surroundings can add quite a punch to your collection of images from your photowalk.

Here are a few of my favorites from my photo walk with Miss J.

As we started our walk, I asked her to pick her favorite storefront and we took a few pictures of her sitting on their stoop.

As we continued down the way, we found a brick wall in an alley that made for a perfect backdrop to show off some sassiness! And Julia found some rocks that aspired to be models, too. (Love my little photographer!)

Julia grabbed a few shots of a monument at the Court House that grabbed her eye, while I took the opportunity to capture the way the sunlight glowed on her long golden locks of hair. Lucky I did, because the following day, she decided to play beauty shop and chopped them all off!

I let Julia run ahead of me and pick out what we’d photograph next. Both she and I loved looking in the window of an antique shop on the square. These hat boxes were too cool!

Break time! 

We used our “spotting scopes” to help us decide where we’d go next, and of course we had to stop and smell every flower we saw along the way!

By the end of the walk, we’d had an incredible time together, taken a bunch of really fun pictures, had a great story to share with Dad and Sis when we got home — and I was even fortunate enough to capture a few beautiful, wall-worthy images of the coolest three (almost 4) year old in the world!

If you’re interested in planning a photo walk for yourself, here’s a checklist of a few other things to consider before heading out, but I think the most important thing to take along is your sense of adventure! I hope you’ll grab your camera and your kid and head out on an adventure of your own. I guarantee you’ll have a blast!


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